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My Favourite Top 3 Workouts
To kick off your new lifestyle

WALKING is the best exercise. Just start. Go around the block it doesn't matter how far it is.You never know who you might meet on your way! Take it at YOUR pace and enjoy being outside. Smile at the dog-walkers and passers-by and the lady watering her roses, it might just make their day!

 Yoga, the gentle exercise you have when you're not exercising

As a beginner, your acceptance of where you are now and recognising that you have started down the path to a healthier and happier you. This is just as much about the mind as the body, and if you can be happy in the knowledge you are doing something positive, your gentle stretching and exercises will strengthen your core muscles . This will tighten and trim without you feeling that you have to run a marathon. Visualization of the "new you" will reinforce your goals and inspire, even if you occasionally stray!

 Pilates, exercises based on the desperate need to survive

        during war, blended with the graceful discipline of ballet.

The amazing story of Joseph Pilates, his courage and strong will to survive during wartime incarceration is worth reading. He then merged his proven techniques with the discipline of ballet,to create the Pilates that we know today - exercises based on science with the mind completely in control. It is the mind that tells the body what to do, so if we master this concpet, we are well on our way to controlling our life.

 Tap Dancing, just because I love it!

This fun way to get fit is the quickest way I know to trim down your legs-and it is really enjoyable! Whether you want to move like Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers,  The Tap Dogs or even River Dance, it has something for everyone and all ages. I have friends who learnt tap as children, who are still tapping into their 70's  80's and yes 90's!  The steps are really easy- it is all in how you put them together and the mind is the most important part again. Just go with the music and have fun!

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My Favourite Top 3 Healthy Snacks
To have on hand when you have to "munch"

There are times when we all have an attack of the munchies. Be prepared, and have things in the cupboard or freezer that you can munch away without feeling guilty or undoing any good work. 

Always have a drink of water, first, when hunger strikes. it is sometimes hard to tell the difference if you are really hungry or just thirsty. Water will flush out your system and keep you hydrated-very important especially when you are changing your eating habits.


In particular the dry roasted ones, without salt. 

The ones that are honey-roasted or sugar coated are NOT included! A handfull of nuts when you are working and need a boost will take the edge of hunger and give you energy.

 Corn Chips & Salsa-most Mexican food

90% of Mexican food is gluten free. Just make sure you choose ones with corn flour and go for the dips like tomato salsa and gucamole (which is made from avocadoes).

 Frozen Grapes

Wonderful in summer-good any time. Just pop them in a freezer bag into your freezer and snack away! Berries are also good, and you can buy them in a mixed bag already frozen if you don't have any of your own.

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